Motion in Fashion Exhibit by Scott Kish


June 16th, 2016

Vivienne Hu is pleased to attend the opening of the exhibit of Canadian painter Scott Kish’s serial art work exclusive for Vivienne Hu Fashion Runway. Scott Kish specializes in human anatomy & movement and is famous for his unique series of works about “The Art of Motion“.  This exhibit collection artistically, in sharp curves and lines, in dynamic forms and shapes, captured the energy in the motions on the Vivienne Hu fashion runway FW16, which Scott Kish attended in person back in February 2016.

The Motion in Fashion exhibit exclusive for Vivienne Hu will last two week at The Carma, East Village at 38 Carmine St NYC till June 28th. It will be exhibited again at Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto starting July 7th.

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